Trustee Job Specification

About KickStart Ghana (KSG)

KickStart Ghana is a UK and Ghanaian registered charity/NGO and a company limited by guarantee. Our vision is one where the people of Ghana can fulfill their potential and have every opportunity to succeed.

Our mission is to enhance the sporting and educational opportunities available to the people of Ghana, by investing in sport and education through grants, financial assistance for individuals, and recruiting skilled international and local volunteers to work on our projects and learn from each other.

We’re passionate about the positive effects that sport and education can have on individuals and communities

Time Commitment

KickStart Ghana holds a minimum of two meetings a month and trustees generally give around 1-2 hours a week of their time. This is remote and flexible.

Job Description

We are looking for individuals that have a strong interest in international development, working with children, or sports. We are aiming to diversify our UK Board and would love to welcome onto the board anyone with a Ghanaian heritage and culture. This will ensure the board is reflective of our interests and activities.

The qualities we look for in KSG Trustees are:

  • Demonstrable interest in Ghana, young people, and international development
  • Willingness to devote the necessary time to the charity’s activities and meetings
  • Integrity and moral and ethical thinking.
  • Strategic vision.
  • Good, independent judgment.
  • An ability to think creatively.
  • A willingness to speak one’s mind.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of Trusteeship.
  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team.
  • An understanding of the beliefs and needs of donors and philanthropists.


If this is of interest, please email with a copy of your CV and a brief description of how you meet the qualities and experience set out above.