World Day Against Child Labour

A new post from our blogger Emily Laramy on the World Day Against Child Labour.

Today marks the World Day Against Child Labour.

The United Nations estimates that approximately 215 million children aged 5-17 years are engaged in child labour. Of these children, half will be exposed to the worst forms of child labour, working in hazardous conditions, sold into bonded labour or illicit activities such as drug trafficking and prostitution. Children who are engaged in child labour are often denied their right to an education, lack proper nutrition and have little or no time for play or leisure.

In Ghana, child labour is a serious problem. The need for manual labourers means children are often are sent to work, rather than to school. Despite education being free and compulsory, there are a number of barriers that prevent children from going to school. Having a school uniform, pencil case and exercise books is something many of us may take granted, however, for a family in poverty the cost of uniforms and scholastic materials may be an expense they simply can’t meet. Furthermore, in areas where there are few opportunities open to children with more education, going to school simply isn’t seen as a priority, and labour is seen as the most productive use of a child’s time.

Here at KickStart Ghana we are passionate about education. We know that keeping children in school means children are at less risk of exploitation. That’s why education is key to preventing child labour and to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Through KSG’s work and your generous support we are able to breakdown some of the barriers that prevent children attending school; ensuring children stay in school for longer. Thanks to our volunteers and generous donations we have been able to create better learning environments for children by improving classroom facilities, building toilet blocks and constructing water tanks. We were able to run summer schools, reading clubs and have equipped schools with new educational materials.

We couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for people volunteering their time and money. Thank you for helping make sure no child misses out on their education.

If you want to help KickStart Ghana make a difference through education consider setting up a regular donation to the charity.

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