David Thorp waxes his legs for KickStart Ghana

On Tuesday 29th July, David Thorp will wax his rather hairy legs in the name of charity.

“Whilst other members of the board have put their bodies on the line with tests of endurance and perseverance in the name of KickStart Ghana fundraising, I have decided to put my body on the line with a test of short term pain and embarrassment.

At KickStart Ghana’s fundraising dinner with Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen I will have my legs waxed in order to raise money for KickStart Ghana’s sports and education projects. Target of £1000, top 5 bids from people at the fundraiser get to cause me physical pain (in the form of waxing my legs of course (I’ve got pretty hairy legs if that makes you want to donate any more?).

All donations welcomed!”

David Thorp legs

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