New KickStart Ghana videos

We are delighted to release two new videos highlighting some of the work that we have been doing with local organisations in the Volta Region.

The videos were produced by the amazing JointSight production company who gave their time to us as volunteers.

We wanted the videos to highlight the work that KickStart Ghana have been doing and showcase Ghana at it’s best. We are delighted with the results.

If you want to help make a difference to young people in Ghana consider making a donation today. We promise you won’t regret it.

KickStart Ghana and education

KickStart Ghana and sport


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  1. Eric Coco Mawuenyegah says:

    This is a great video.In fact the works done by KickStart Ghana and the ones in progress are all of great help for the people of the Volta region of Ghana especially people of Ho!I’ve been a witness to most of the activities that took place and I can confirm boldly that KickStart Ghana is moving Ho forward and by so doing projecting Ghana’s future leaders who will emerge from the Volta region to take in Hand the controls of their destiny and achieve their dreams.

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