Anna Gilthorpe

Anna Gilthorpe

Anna Gilthorpe recently returned to the UK after volunteering for three weeks at the kindergartens’ of the Regional Model School and St Cecilia’s, assisting the teachers with their work. Below are her thoughts on her time volunteering with KickStart Ghana.

Q. Why did you choose to volunteer with KickStart Ghana?

I chose to volunteer with KickStart Ghana as I have seen fantastic things about their work from following them on Facebook and heard from previous volunteers about what an amazing and rewarding time they had working for them.

Q. What did you enjoy about volunteering with KickStart Ghana?

What I enjoyed most about the experience was meeting all the people that I worked with, lived with and came across in the local community. I’ve never done anything like this before and I learnt so much and enjoyed spending time with the people that I met. Everyone was so welcoming, I’ll never forget the wonderful time i had there.

I also found it incredibly interesting and rewarding working in the two schools that KickStart Ghana placed me in. I teach in the UK so to see the differences and similarities in the education systems whilst also developing my teaching skills was incredibly useful for me.

After hearing so much about KickStart Ghana work I was thrilled to see it in context and to see how much of a positive impact they are having on the community in Ho.

Q. What was your favourite thing about living in Ghana?

My favourite thing about living in Ghana was the people I met. Everyone was so friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you. With the more laid back pace of life that Ghanaians seem to favour and all of the interesting and warm people I met I feel truly refreshed and have come back to London seeing life from a new perspective. I also miss the amazing food that Vivian, the KickStart Ghana cook, made for us every day!

Q. Would you recommend volunteering with KickStart Ghana to others? If so, what would you say?

Absolutely! Dave, Dave, Daniel and Coco really evaluate your skills and ensure they put you on a placement that you are best suited and will gain the most from. Having never volunteered before I was slightly nervous but their passion and organisation made me feel completely safe and made sure that I got the best out of my stay with them. You definitely feel part of a family when you are there and i miss everyone terribly already! Thank you!

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