The main questions I’ve been asked since is, “Was it horrible running that far?”. Well, irrational as it may sound, I actually loved the day itself. The sun was shining, Paris looked beautiful, there were thousands of other smiling runners and after about 2km I knewthat I was going to complete it. Sure, it wasn’t easy and at 5 hr 4 mins 22 secs it wasn’t the quickest time the marathon has ever been run either but I only have positive memories of the day. The next morning, however, was a different story and my legs made sure I knew what I had put them through…It also helped that I had a wonderful support team in my girlfriend Anna and sister Verity. Seeing them at the halfway mark and just two hundred metres before the end of the route helped keep me going more than I describe and I’m massively grateful to them. Knowing that another friend, Angharad, was running her first marathon too also helped spur me on. The number of good-luck texts before the race from friends and family alike was incredibly motivating, probably more than those people can imagine.The reason I signed up to the marathon was to try and raise some money for KickStart Ghana and I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of sponsors and sponsorship. Over 60 people have dug deep and this has resulted in around £2,500 being raised, smashing my original target of £1000. If you’ve sponsored me, thank you so much, I can assure you that your money will make a big difference to the young people KickStart Ghana supports. A huge thank you to my parents for their match-funding pledge and general all round support as always (we’re starting to verge on Oscar speech territory!).

Would I do it again? All the early starts, lonely runs, lack of drinking?

Well I just entered the ballot for next years London equivalent.

Below are a few photos from the weekend.