KickStart Ghana photography competition

We recently ran a photography competition with a meal for two at the fantastic Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen up for grabs (many thanks to Zoe for this kind donation) along with some KickStart Ghana t-shirts as prizes. There were two categories:

1. KickStart Ghana volunteers volunteering. Entries of the photographers best examples of KickStart Ghana volunteer work taking place in Ghana.

2. Ghana. Shots of beautiful Ghana. This could have been the beaches, village life or the wildlife. Photographers were asked to use their imagination.

We received some fantastic entries highlighting the work that we do and the beautiful country of Ghana. The winners and other favourites of the judges can be seen below and the rest on our Facebook page.

Overall winner - Sam Grace. 2012. The daily commute. Locals making their way back from the market to their village.

Winner of "Volunteering in Ghana" category - Lisa Saint. August 2010. Cheeky faces at Mama Viak's.


Special mention for "Volunteering in Ghana" category - Verity Coles. 'Hands up for Ghana!', Mamma Viak's, August 2011. Creative ways of displaying the Ghanaian flag! Becca and the children getting messy at Mamma Viak's.


Special mention for "Volunteering in Ghana" category - Tom Surr. August 2009. Becca Todd running a coaching session for Ghatel Ladies FC.


Winner of "Ghana" category - Zoe Holliday. Who're you lookin' at?; Mole National Park, February 2013. A wildlife encounter at the staff accommodation.


Special mention for "Ghana" category - Sam Grace. 2012. Butre Beach after a late afternoon stroll with KickStart Ghana volunteers Sophie Myers, Cassie Boyle, Abbie Grace and Simon Murphy.


Special mention for "Ghana" category - Zoe Holliday. Making a splash; Kintampo; February 2013. School children enjoying an outing to Kintampo waterfalls.

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