A New Start

Welcome to the brand new KickStart Ghana website, designed to provide information for potential volunteers and give you a really good idea of the things we do and what we’re trying to achieve. We’ve been working hard over the last few months to review our aims, improve our processes and make sure that we’re doing all we can to be a transparent and accountable organisation.

But why the change of name? Well, we feel that after establishing ourselves over the last few years we want to really make sure we’re giving the best representation of our mission, the objectives that we’re looking to carry out and the help that we need in trying to do this. That and we wanted a shiny, new logo. Shameless.

Our New Logo

On the website it’s our intention that you’ll be able to see where we’ve come from and where we’re trying to go. For volunteers, details of what you’ll be doing and the skills and experience that we require from you can be found on the volunteer in Ghana page. Those of you who want to get involved in fundraising can see the types of projects we try to undertake and why we need people to raise for us.

During the course of our rebrand there have been some fantastic examples of how volunteers are vital in helping us achieve what we do. In constructing the website itself Ben Bartle has been brilliant at listening to (and tolerating) our endless stream of ideas and has come up with an end product we’re really pleased with. Likewise, Mark Smith did a great job of taking the concepts we gave him and producing a logo that we can be proud to use when marketing our organisation. Verity Coles has helped produce a really informative and useful information pack for our volunteers, and Marion Coles has been extremely helpful proof reading our website prior to launch.

So take a look around the website, familiarise yourself with our goals and needs, and if you’re interested in helping out then feel free to contact us at info@kickstartghana.org.

Happy reading!


The KickStart Ghana team


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