Hi, my name’s Dave, one of two founding members of UK registered charity KickStart Ghana. From the end of May I’ll be spending 4 months in Ghana helping to plan and oversee the activities of our volunteers and the programmes that they will be working on over the summer.

But first, a quick bit of background info for you: KickStart Ghan was set up after myself and Dave Coles (the other founding member) volunteered together in Ghana with another charity back in 2006. After travelling back in 2008 to witness the African Cup of Nations we decided to start our own organisation in order to fulfil our own specific goals for development in Ghana. Registered charity status was gained last December and we now work under the mission of ensuring that the people of the Volta Region, in Ghana, can fulfil their potential and have every opportunity to succeed. We focus on the promotion of education and physical activity to do this and use a mixture of grants and volunteers to achieve our mission.

We currently work with local schools to help with their teaching of English and other subjects such as P.E. We also have volunteers contribute at a nearby children’s home where we provide organised informal education and other activities and have a number of other educational programmes that we are looking to build on this year.¬† We continue to support a local football team, Dynamo FC, and are looking to expand the impact that we can have on sport throughout the region. Finally, each year we work with a local school or other organisation to collaborate on a renovation project for one or more of their buildings in order to provide a more suitable learning environment for the children. As we expand we hope to be able to increase the frequency of these types of projects.

We both work full time aside from running KickStart Ghana, so my last few months have been spent temping to save enough money to fund my trip to Ghana.

Over the course of my trip I’ll aim to keep you up to date with our projects, the effects that our volunteers are having in Ghana and also give you an insight into what is involved in running a charity like KicksStart Ghana. I’ll also look to try and give you a taste of Ghana itself and hopefully raise your interest in volunteering both overseas and at home.

Meanwhile, if you would like to contribute to the work that we do, please feel free to donate at

I’ll keep this blog updated regularly, so until next time, bye for now!

Dave Thorp

This blog originally appeared on Do-it.

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