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Introducing our 2016 Volunteer Coordinator

We were delighted when Stephanie Macwilliam agreed to sign up as our 2016 Volunteer Coordinator. Having completed TeachFirst and now the Course and Programme Co-ordinator, Children People and Young Families at The National Communities Resource Centre at Trafford Hall we she would be fantastically qualified to volunteer with KickStart Ghana.

Over the summer she will be supporting our volunteers to make sure that they can really make an impact on our projects, including the 2016 summer school and reading club and coaching at Dynamo FC. She’ll also be evaluating our impact and working closely with the Ghanaian board on other projects.

She’s going to be blogging about her experiences over the summer and below is her first. We hope you enjoy.

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Volunteerism in Ghana: Alive and well

One of our trustees, Dave Coles, was in Ghana recently, and he was glad to see more initiatives involving Ghanaians in volunteering. Read his original entry on his blog.

Volunteering in Ghana has been a big industry for a long time now. But when people think of volunteers in Ghana they often think of people flying from all over the world to work on a number of projects (some good and some not so good). However, over the last couple of years we’ve seen an increase in the recognition and promotion of Ghanaians volunteering. This can is a positive development and something that deserves to be highlighted.
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“Welcome to Ghana” – Woezor!

We were delighted when Kerry agreed to sign up as our 2015 Volunteer Coordinator. She’s volunteered with KickStart Ghana before and knows the charity and the people we work with really well. Through being Chair at Winant Clayton and being heavily involved at Exeter University she has an excellent knowledge of volunteering.

Over the summer she will be supporting our volunteers to make sure that they can really make an impact on our projects, including the 2015 summer school and reading club and coaching at Dynamo FC. She’ll also be evaluating our impact and working closely with the Ghanaian board on other projects.

She’s going to be blogging about her experiences over the summer and below is her first. We hope you enjoy.
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2014 KickStart Ghana review

What a year it has been for KickStart Ghana! Another successful summer school combing the best of Ghanaian teachers working alongside UK and Ghanaian volunteers. The ever popular reading club at St Cecilia school helping embed a love for literature amongst young Ghanaians. Dynamo FC has gone from strength to strength and other schools have continued to benefit from sporting equipment.

We also ran our first educational trip with the Essex Army Cadets, pairing up young people from the UK and Ghana to learn about each other and help create a new generation of global citizens.

In the UK we received funding from Total and The Youth Funding Network. We also had an incredible fundraiser, hosted by Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, which raised over £3,000 and introduced lots of people to some yummy Ghanaian recipes and flavours. We recruited two new trustees and can’t wait to work with them next year.

Finally, we had our softball team continuing to take on the big boys in the charity softball league.

We’d like to thank our fundraisers, supporters, volunteers and partners for making 2014 a wonderful year for the charity. We have plans to make 2015 even bigger and better so watch this space.

Check out some of our favourite photos below for our year in review.

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I love Ghana because…

6th March is Ghanaian Independence Day. We wanted to know why people love Ghana so much so we went out and about in Ho to find out. Below are our results.



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In the future I want to be…

One of the lessons at the KickStart Ghana summer school focused on aspiration setting. Our volunteers led the children on a creative session where they designed posters and diagrams detailing their thoughts on the future, both personally and from a career perspective. When they had finished they had to present back to the class what they had created and why. We found that the children really engaged well with this task and we were really pleased with the wide range of potential opportunities they had given consideration too.

Please take a look at our Facebook page for more photos from the class.



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Summer school, football coaching and a haircut

Apologies for the delay in the latest blog post, but since I last wrote seven new volunteers have arrived and five of those have left. They’ve been completing a large variety of work. Chris Minch has settled in well to the role of Assistant Volunteer Coordinator. His time has been taken up by airport pickups, inducting volunteers, helping at the summer school and football training and also researching other NGOs in Ho. He is also blogging for KickStart Ghana this summer. Anna Gilthorpe and Rianna Kelly were working at two local Kindergartens assisting the teachers with their work there. Rianna has now taken the lead at the summer school and reading club; planning and executing the lessons with the assistance of Chris Coco and myself. Chris and George Wadsworth coached Dynamo FC and you can read about what they thought of their time in Ho in their blog post. Last, but not least, we had Jeffrey Smith and Adenike Oke from JointSight productions who are working with KickStart Ghana to create a series of videos that showcase our work. I can’t wait to see the finished films!
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KickStart Ghana photography competition

We recently ran a photography competition with a meal for two at the fantastic Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen up for grabs (many thanks to Zoe for this kind donation) along with some KickStart Ghana t-shirts as prizes. There were two categories:

1. KickStart Ghana volunteers volunteering. Entries of the photographers best examples of KickStart Ghana volunteer work taking place in Ghana.

2. Ghana. Shots of beautiful Ghana. This could have been the beaches, village life or the wildlife. Photographers were asked to use their imagination.

We received some fantastic entries highlighting the work that we do and the beautiful country of Ghana. The winners and other favourites of the judges can be seen below and the rest on our Facebook page.

Overall winner - Sam Grace. 2012. The daily commute. Locals making their way back from the market to their village.

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Volunteering photography competition

We invite all KickStart Ghana supporters and former volunteers to enter our photography competition. Win a delicious Ghanaian meal and KickStart Ghana t-shirts!

What are the criteria?

The photos must fall into either of the following categories:

  1. KickStart Ghana volunteers volunteering. Enter your best examples of volunteer work taking place in Ghana.
  2. Ghana. We want your shots of beautiful Ghana. This could be the beaches, village life or the wildlife. Use your imagination.
The winner of each category will win a KickStart Ghana t-shirt and the overall winner will win two tickets to the fantastic Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen.

How will the competition be judged?

The judges will be making their decision based on two factors:

  • The quality of the photo (the composition, lighting etc)
  • The spirit of the photo. We are not just looking for entries taken with expensive cameras but ones that showcase the spirit of KickStart Ghana.

How can I enter?

Please complete this entry form to submit your photo(s). The closing date for entries will be 31st March.

Terms and conditions

  1. Photos must be submitted by the copyright owner.
  2. Competitors may enter a maximum of three photos in each category. This will need to be done through separate entry forms.
  3. By contributing an image you agree to grant KickStart Ghana a perpetual, royalty-free, non exclusive licence to use the image.

Six must see sights in Ghana

Please note that this is a blog entry taken from David Coles’ personal blog and not an endorsement from KickStart Ghana to any of the organisations below.

“Akwaaba! Wezo! Amaraba!” are all greetings you will hear when travelling in Ghana (they all mean “welcome” if you are not fluent in Ghana’s 75 languages). Ghana isn’t normally near the top of the list of places to visit as a tourist but as the Brandt Travel Guide states, “As travel destinations go, Ghana is difficult to flaw… Not only can Ghana be recommended without reservation to even the most nervous of first-time independent travellers for being as amiable, affordable and hassle-free as practically any country on the African continent; (but) just as importantly Ghana boasts a travel circuit so varied and compact that it might almost be seen as offering a microcosmic first taste of Africa.”

Tourist highlights in Ghana range from seeing elephants on safari, exploring the largest open market in West Africa, visiting the poignant slave castles and relaxing on golden beaches. This blog entry looks at the top six must see destinations in Ghana.
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