Donating items to KickStart Ghana

KickStart Ghana often receives offers of gifts for the beneficiaries that we work with. Unfortunately, sometimes these unintentionally present us with a number of difficulties. Firstly, the cost of shipping items to Ghana is very high, and we don’t have a regular or cost effective system to do this. Volunteers travel out a different points throughout the year and can only carry a limited amount within their luggage.

We also like to support the local economy as much as possible by buying stationary, equipment and any other necessities locally.

By far the most useful thing you can do is to support us financially. Your donation will help KickStart Ghana in achieving our educational and sporting goals in the future. We want our charity to be sustainable and your donation can help us achieve this.

Any offer is of course appreciated, and we understand better than anyone the desire to help – it’s why we are here. The right donations, of funds applied in the right areas, can generate remarkable change, and that is what we all want to see, to truly bring about an end to poverty and dependence.