Regional Model School

The aim of the Regional Model School is to become the best school in the Volta Region and to be a model of best practice for others. Emmanuel, the Headmaster, is keen to create an environment conducive for learning and to see his students go on to Senior Secondary School and university. At the end of their education he hopes they are prepared to be well placed in society.

Since KickStart Ghana started working with the Regional Model School we have seen some fantastic results. Volunteer teachers, requested by the school, were recruited between June 2011 and 2014 to help with teaching various subjects and work with local teachers. They quickly built a good rapport with both students and staff and the school were delighted with the results.

The volunteers have lifted the environment of the school; it is now much more conducive for learning.

Emmanuel, Regional Model School Headmaster

During the summer of 2011 until 2014, KickStart Ghana worked closely with the Regional Model School Headmaster, as well as the Parent Teacher Association to invest in a range of renovations at the school. These included the provision of new, water proof windows, and the repainting of the entire school, inside and out. It was the first time the school had undergone any renovation work since its opening 28 years previously. The school community was delighted with the work completed by local and international volunteers and paid local workers.

Check out the Feedback given to us by Emmanuel about the work completed over the summer. We were also delighted to receive this ‘Thank You’ letter from the school.