Since 2008 we are proud to say our volunteers have donated thousands of hours of volunteering to:

  • football coaching
  • 1-1 reading sessions
  • educational games at children’s summer clubs
  • teaching/assisting teachers at schools and kindergartens
  • teaching PE lessons.

Our grants and volunteer activities have led to:

  • The continuation of Dynamo Football Club with under 12s, 14s, 17s and a men’s team entering local leagues and tournaments
  • Established a girls football team at Dynamo FC
  • 6 classrooms and a toilet facilities being painted inside and out at St Cecilia Kindergarten
  • 8 classrooms painted inside and out at St Cecilia School
  • The renovation of footpaths between classrooms at St Cecilia School to ensure the safety of students and teachers
  • 8 classrooms and 4 toilet blocks renovated and painted inside and out at the Regional Model School. This included new windows to ensure water cannot leak in during the rainy season
  • Renovated classrooms at the SDA School
  • Renovated classrooms at Saint Anne’s School
  • A regular supply of food to Mama Viaks children’s home to ensure an acceptable standard of nutrition for the children living and attending school there
  • A new water tank installed at Mama Viaks children’s home, ensuring clean water all year round for the children living and attending school there
  • 10 mattresses provided for Mama Viaks so that the children do not have to sleep on thin mats on top of a concrete floor.

KickStart Ghana is also grateful that generous volunteers have donated arts and crafts equipment, books, sports equipment and other classroom materials.

Our volunteers also tell us that the work they have done with KickStart Ghana has led them to have a greater understanding of development issues, higher levels of self confidence and the ability to use their initiative.

Check out our 2011-2012 and 2010 Annual Report for further information.