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Six must see sights in Ghana

Please note that this is a blog entry taken from David Coles’ personal blog and not an endorsement from KickStart Ghana to any of the organisations below.

“Akwaaba! Wezo! Amaraba!” are all greetings you will hear when travelling in Ghana (they all mean “welcome” if you are not fluent in Ghana’s 75 languages). Ghana isn’t normally near the top of the list of places to visit as a tourist but as the Brandt Travel Guide states, “As travel destinations go, Ghana is difficult to flaw… Not only can Ghana be recommended without reservation to even the most nervous of first-time independent travellers for being as amiable, affordable and hassle-free as practically any country on the African continent; (but) just as importantly Ghana boasts a travel circuit so varied and compact that it might almost be seen as offering a microcosmic first taste of Africa.”

Tourist highlights in Ghana range from seeing elephants on safari, exploring the largest open market in West Africa, visiting the poignant slave castles and relaxing on golden beaches. This blog entry looks at the top six must see destinations in Ghana.
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